Engine Tuning
    1.  Software - Improves the efficiency of your engine management system to increase
    horsepower / torque, improve throttle response, and raise the top speed governor.
    2.  High flow intake systems - Improves the amount and quality of air ingested to the engine
    resulting in increased horsepower / torque.
    3.  Exhaust system components - Improves the flow of exhaust out of the engine increasing
    horsepower / torque and changes the sound to a more aggressive note.

    Engine Tuning Components
    1.  Software
    2.  Cold Air Intake
    3.  Sport Filters
    4.  High Flow Intake Manifold
    5.  Pulleys (supercharged engines)
    6.  Camshafts
    7.  Throttle Bodies (larger bore)
    8.  Supercharger Systems (for normally aspirated engines)
    9.  Headers
    10. High Flow Cats
    11. Free Flow Mufflers

    Summary:  Make the engine more efficient with software, increase the amount of quality air
    in and exhaust out.  These three areas will improve the horsepower / torque and acceleration of
    your vehicle.

    Chassis Tuning
    1.  Suspension Springs - Designed to support the vehicle based on size and weight.  Lowering
    ride height reduces your vehicle's roll center.
    2.  Sway Bars - Increased diameter improves lateral stability during cornering and adjust
    ability allows for fine tuning of how your car reacts to corners.
    3.  Shocks / Struts - Specifically valved in conjunction with spring rates for improved
    4.  Chassis Reinforcement - Strengthens the tub of your vehicle to reduce flex and maintain
    proper suspension geometry.
    5.  Brake System - Improve stopping power with increased size, performance pad compounds,
    and cooling ability.  
    6.  Alignment - Adjusting all of the suspension components to specification based on driving
    7.  Wheels / Tires - Reduce unsprung weight to improve suspension reaction and create a
    larger footprint for each corner.

    Chassis Tuning Components
    1.  Springs
    2.  EBL Control Unit (lowering module for vehicles with ABC or Airmatic suspensions)
    3.  Sway Bars
    4.  Shocks / Struts
    5.  Electronic Control Unit Software (for vehicles with electronically controlled dampeners)
    6.  Strut Brace
    7.  Sub frame Brace
    8.  Big Brake Kit
    9.  Camber Plates
    10. 3 Piece Modular Wheels
    11. Performance Tires

    Summary:  The object of the suspension components is to slow the transfer of weight
    and keep your tires on the road.  All of these items contribute to a superior handling
    vehicle during performance driving.  Go faster through the corners safely with better
    feedback from your vehicle.

    Cosmetic Enhancements
    1.  Aerodynamic Components - Designed to improve down force and change the look of your
    vehicle.  Professionally paint matched to ensure a seamless factory look.
    2.  Interior Appointments - Customize the look and feel of your domain with exotic materials
    like Carbon Fiber.
    3.  Wheels and Tires - This is really a performance issue, however; they look awesome too.
    4.  Window Tint - Reduce heat build up while maintaining some privacy.

    Summary:  There are major and minor improvements you can make to your vehicle.  
    Some of the smallest changes can have a dramatic influence on your vehicles

    Maintenance and Repair
    1.  Scheduled service intervals recommended by the vehicle manufacture.
    2.  Preventative maintenance.
    3.  Repairing parts or systems that have failed.

    Summary:  We perform maintenance and repair to help keep your vehicle in it's prime
    shape.  Just like the Tuning products offered, our service products utilize the best
    available with professional installation.

    Miscellaneous Services
    1.  Window Tinting.
    2.  Paintless Dent Removal.
    3.  Custom Welding and Fabricating.
    4.  Pre-purchase Inspections.
    5.  Vehicle Transport.

    Summary:  Some of the services offered are done by our local business associates.  We
    accommodate most requests for services that we may not be specialists for, however;
    with our many contacts within the automotive industry we are able to facilitate many.  
    Our goal is to reduce the downtime of your vehicle and make sure these services are
    performed by professionals with the same high standards that we have.       
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