The name Kleemann is synonymous with the pinnacle of tuning and personalization for Mercedes-Benz
automobiles.  Founded in 1985, in little over 23 years Kleemann has grown into a premier independent tuner of
Mercedes-Benz automobiles.  Kleemann is no ordinary tuner however.  Kleemann builds amazing high
performance cars like the E 55 K4 with 607 bhp of power making it the fastest four-door sedan in the world.  
This 2002 record was achieved at Mercedes-Benz automotive testing track in Germany.  Kleemann also set a
world record in their ML 55 K in southern Italy clocked at 175.226 mph.

Kleemann was founded in the town of Farum, Copenhagen and now has headquarters in Denmark.  In order to
ensure reliable and durable products, Kleemann views research and development that is targeted towards the
interest of clients as the very essence of maintaining technological leadership.  The key to this leadership is the
continuing expert development work of Kleemann engineers and production staff.  All Kleemann products
undergo a testing program before leaving their R&D facilities.  Kleemann strives to achieve the best and
maintains its effort towards strict and continuous quality control.

New Kleemann components are subjected to some of the most rigorous testing programs in the car industry.  
With the highest product standards to maintain, Kleemann also places high demands on its authorized retailers,
working only with respected businesses to ensure customers satisfaction.

Today, Kleemann automobiles and tuning components are sold all over the world.  For the growing US and
Canadian markets, Kleemann USA was set up in Colorado Springs, Colorado in order to support their growing
network of authorized retailers.  Kleemann USA features there own facilities to accommodate performance
enhancements, aerodynamics, wheels and brake upgrades, exclusive leather interiors concluding the conversion
to a complete Kleemann vehicle.  
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Kleemann for Mercedes Benz