Kleemann GTK Concept Car
In 2004, Kleemann made ambitious plans for creating unique and exclusive
Kleemann sports cars. Now, after 3 years of design and development, Kleemann
bring their vast technology know-how and experience to the next level by
introducing the GTK concept car.

Featuring the normally aspirated SLK 55 AMG engine fitted with a complete
Kleemann Kompressor system, the GTK boasts 540 HP of power and 700 Nm
of torque. This power is transferred to the road through a 7-speed automatic
gearbox, a Kleemann limited slip differential and ultra low profile Toyo T1-R
tires on 20" Kleemann alloy rims designed specifically for the GTK, giving the
driver maximum performance and control on the road.
New Kleemann Watch

Inspired by the performance, elegance and reliability of the Kleemann tuning and
styling products for Mercedes-Benz, the Kleemann design team has created the
exclusive Kleemann WR338K Black Edition and White Edition Chronographs.

Each edition is produced in a limited series of 338 handmade units referring to the
2003 Kleemann world speed record of 338 km/h at the Papenburg circuit in Germany.
The dynamic lines and surfaces from the Kleemann aero parts are featured on the
brushed 316L stainless steel casing and the four double recesses on the top
tachymeter ring echoes the shape of the trademark Kleemann front air intake. The
recessed tachymeter ring visually frames the sporty and elegant square dial which is
crafted from white or black carbon fibre and both ring and dial feature custom made
Kleemann numbers and letters. The Kleemann logo is elegantly incorporated on the
top half of the dial and the shape and the red colour of the < is featured on the tip of
the second hand. The unique Kleemann compressor rotor design that inspired the
design of the exclusive three piece TS-6 alloy wheel, is etched on the case back
together with the limited series numbering and the setting crown features the shape
of the Kleemann.

Each watch is individually tested to 10 atm. water resistance to give maximum
protection of the Swiss quartz chronograph movement.
To complete the exclusivity of the watch, it is fitted with a genuine crocodile grain
black leather strap and it comes in a discrete Kleemann gift box.

The Kleemann WR338K Chronographs are sold exclusively at Kleemann dealers at a
MSRP of EUR 675 + VAT per watch. ($1,000.65 + $150.09 USD)
63 AMG Throttle System

In search of the ultimate tuning package for the 63
AMG, we now introduce the 63 AMG large throttle
system. This system has 2 80 mm. throttle bodies
(stock: 74 mm.) with billet alloy intake ducts (stock:
It will dramatically improve air flow in the intake
system and result in a smoother running engine and
increased power in the mid and upper rev range.
The large throttle system will typically be sold
together with an ECU upgrade and header/cat kit as
a 63-K3 kit, and is available for all 63 AMG cars.